Although not a Z28 or SS, this Camaro was originally ordered with the F41 suspension package.  This option included a 15/16" front sway bar and a 7/16" rear sway bar, along with five leaf rear springs.  While a good handling package, I was convinced I could improve upon this with today's performance offerings.  I retained the factory F41 springs,  but upgraded everything else.   The current setup provides excellent handling (as a late 90's Porsche 911 driver recently found out the hard way!) as well as very nice ride quality.


  • Front: Factory F41 front coils
  • Rear: Factory F41 five leaf

 Anti-roll Bars

  • Front: 1 1/4" with urethane bushings
  • Rear:  7/8"  with urethane bushings


  • Front: Baer 13" vented disc with four piston aluminum calipers
  • Rear:  Baer 12" veted disc with aluminum calipers
  • 1978 WS6 Firebird proportioning valve
  • Mid-70's dual diaphragm big block Corvette booster

 These brakes are essentially equal to what is found on a C4-C5 Corvette


  • AGR 12:1 ratio steering box (uses stock PS pump)
  • Factory steering linkages


  • Edelbrock IAS


  • 1996 LT4 Limited Edition Corvette
  • Front: 17x8.5 with BFG 255/45-ZR17
  • Rear: 17x 9.5 with BFG 285/40-ZR17

These wheels necessitated the use of wheel adapters.  Machined from solid 6061-T6 aluminum, the adapters bolt up to the brake hubs like a wheel would, but they contain five additional lugs on the outer side which the actual wheel bolts up to.  This is not a "spacer".



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