Here are some of my favorite links. 

I've been very impressed with Autometer's products.  Check out the Interior Page on this website to find out details.  I'm including a link to Autometer's website here.  If you're thinking about ordering gauges, you won't be disappointed with Autometer.

I spend much of my online time at the 2nd Generations Camaro Owners Group.   In fact, I've been a member since 2000.  It's an invaluable resource for information, performance and restoration tips, as well as just shooting the breeze in the BS section.  I've received a lot of information there and try to contribute as best I can.

I also check in frequently at the TPI and DYI PROM sections on the Third Gen site.  This site is tremendous resource for EFI related information.  Information which applies not only to third generation F-Bodies, but to anyone running an EFI powerplant in any vehicle.