EFI Tuning Resources


For the Thirdgen.org DIY PROM guys who have taught me a lot, and anyone else who's running an TPI setup,  here are some (hopefully) handy tools to help with tuning.

I built these tools around an $8D mask using Tunercat, but someone inventive and who knows their way around Microsoft Excel can easily customize it for their own mask and tuning software.   Also included below are some factory BINs for $8D, $DA3, and $EE.  The correct mask is required to use them.

Tuning Tools

1.) This tool calculates the commanded AFR during open loop.  Just copy and paste the calibration values from your tuning softwre into the tool and the tool does the rest. 

Open Loop Commanded AFR calculator

2.) This tool calculates the commanded AFR during Power Enrichment.   Just copy and paste the calibration values from your tuning softwre into the tool and the tool does the rest. 

Power Enrichment Commanded AFR calculator

3.) SInce I'm running a Miniram, my engine configuration is more closely related to an LT1/LT4.   These engines run the $DA3 and $EE masks (depending on the year).   I wanted to use their fuel and spark maps as the baseline.  However, the table structures in those masks are a little different than $8D.  This tool takes those tables and converts them to the $8D format.  Once converted, I can copy and paste from Excel directly into Tunercat.

VE and Spark Conversion for DA3 to 8D

VE and spark conversion EE to 8D

4.) For guys running short runner manifolds, the AE tuning can often be frustrating when starting the factory TPI AE tables.  I was able to conquer my AE woes by starting with $DA3 tables.  This tool compiles the AE values for various masks and compares them side by side.  Values can be taken directly from here and copied/pasted into Tunercat.

AE tables

5.) This tool compares the spark timing between various masks...  ANHT vs AUJP, ANHT vs LT4 $EE,  etc.   It's interesting to see where the different engines have more or less timing than one another. 

Spark Table Comparisons

6.) ULTM8'Z's EZ-VE:  I was having problems with some of the already available automated VE tuners so I made my own.  You need a Tunerpro history file giving BLM vs MAP vs RPM as well as your VE table from your calibration.  A couple of copy and pastes later and you have an updated VE table to copy and paste back into your calibration file.

ULTM8Z's EZ-VE tool

7.) MAT Tables:  I created a comparison matrix between some various MAT Tables including from Grimm Reaper on thirdgen.org.  There are too worksheet tabs in this file, so be sure to see both.

MAT Table Comparison


Factory BINs

These are some factory BIN files I've accumulated over the years. 







BDLD 93 Z28 M6.bin   Requires $DA3 mask

BDZL 1993 A4 TranAm.BIN   Requires $DA3 mask

95 Impala SS.BIN  Requires $EE mask

BKFS EE.bin  Requires $EE mask